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    Half-Life and CS 1.5 Updates Coming Soon

    New client and server updates for Half-Life and Counter-Strike are in the final phases of development and will be released in the coming weeks. Both updates (Half-Life and C.S. 1.5) include the Ricochet Mod, phase two of the recently introduced anti-cheat technology, as well as various fixes and tweaks. The Ricochet Mod source, which includes animation blending and multi-serve technology, will be added to the Half-Life SDK. In addition, Counter-Strike 1.5 includes de_piranesi, a new mission created by Iikka Keranen.

And this following gem from Valve's Erik Johnson comes courtesy of CS-Nation, who got it off the HLDS mailing list:

    We generally let the lists know when we're totally nailed down and getting ready for the release. Right now we're planning the release for next Wednesday, but if we run into any significant problems in testing we'll have to push things back a week.

    We'll know on Friday if things are going to go ahead as planned, and we'll let you know here. We didn't want to get all the alarm bells ringing until it's a definite thing.

Some very exciting news, but keep in mind that a release date is not concrete yet. Stay tuned and we'll keep you informed.

這是一則有關CS1.5版和HL1.1.1.0版[包含Ricochet Mod]即將在幾周內就將釋出的消息.1.5'版將會修正其反作弊的程式.Ricochet Mod程式碼包含了多重服務技術和混合活定狀態.也將加入一個由Iikka Keranen.製作的地圖de_piranesi .

This next bit comes courtesy of CS-Nation, who has posted some pics from clan mTw of the built-in demo player that's supposed to be included in the upcoming HL update. Check 'em out:

bds from Geekboys also had this information about the new demo player feature in CS 1.5:

    In the next HL release a new modified version of 'playdemo' will be released, at the moment called 'viewdemo'. With the new command you get alot more control of your demo playbacks.

    Main thing is that you have a slider for the timeline which you can use. You can also use quick keys for:

    - Jump to start
    - Go one frame back
    - Pause
    - Play
    - Go one frame forward
    - Jump to end
    - set time scale

上面是1.5版中將加入的Demo模式.也就是可以將Demo錄製成以上的如圖的觀看畫面...看起來相當的不錯...上面是說將附加在1.5版中...但是另一則新聞在Geekplayer的網站中則聲明1.5版中並不會加入此Demo的模式...至於誰說的對  報長我也不知道^^"


» Ricochet included in this release.
» Added logging of the anti-cheat system catching and kicking detected cheats.
» Added logging of "kick" commands.
» Added logging of "banid" commands.
» Changed error message if clients try to download missing resources to be more helpful.
» Added new debug message for mod makers if a packet couldn't be parsed correctly.
» Linux: hlds_run now does auto-restart by default (to disable: define "-norestart" on the command line)
» Linux: hlds_run uses "exec" when you define the "-norestart" option.
» Linux: Added -pingboost command line parameter. Currently supports three different methods ('-pingboost 1', '-pingboost 2', and 'pingboost 3'). These may not work well (or at all) on some OS environments.
» Linux: Added "-debug" flag to hlds_run to automatically run gdb and pull out useful info.

» Added "serverversion", can be set to '1108' to view/re-record old demos.
» Added "sv_logbans" to turn the logging of player bans on and off. Default is 0 (off).

Bug Fixes:
» Fixed incorrect WonID logging.
» Fixed sv_allowdownload being required to be set to 1 for clients to connect to secure servers.
» Fixed 'bad address type' fatal error on servers that attempt to run in secure mode but have no DNS resolution.
» Fixed DropClient messages for Steam clients who were banned or have a duplicate Steam ID to properly show the SteamID of the client.
» Fixed HLTV reporting wrong spectator numbers if connection to server was pending.
» Fixed "multicast 1" not working if it was issued before HLTV connected to game server.
» Fixed relay proxies reporting wrong spectator/slots numbers in
multiplayer/LAN menu.
» Fixed DMC powerup bug where the invisibility ring would make people glow red.
» Fixed rcon bug in HLTV.
» Fixed delay being reset to default value during changelevel.
» Fixed a problem with propagating HLTV banners.
» Fixed client freeze on exit.
» Fixed framerate problem on some ATI video cards.
» Fixed MaxPing filter not being saved correctly.
» Fixed sky box bug.
» Linux: Fixed server using 64 MB more memory than it needed to.
» Linux: Fixed 'undefined symbol: __strtouq_internal' on some Linux systems.
» Linux: Fixed segmentation fault on some Linux systems when attempting to run in secure mode

另一則好消息就是OGC9.01版..........哈哈剛出來不到兩天就被破解了..Value公司在Ogc9.01版剛釋出的兩天內就把他給解決掉了..想作弊的人...  沒用的啦!!
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