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  • 我想有很多人一定很納悶.....這麼久才發報..............那是因為.....網站可能得面臨關閉的命運....為什麼....我也不再多說了..不過電子報我不想放棄....^^~...不過品質.............真的是沒辦法...
  • 切記..英文原文新聞..是站長和國外網站站長取得許可才可以這樣直接使用的...請大家注意....."智慧財產權"

DoD Beta 1.3 正式版今天釋出 . 更新檔案大小 42 MB !




sHPB Bot v1.6 is released!
Botman has released v1.6 of his HPB Bot, he give us this info on his site:
  • Bot player models for are now randomly chosen from the list of available models in the MOD's models\player folder (i.e. homer, trinity, skeleton).
  • You can now set the bot's topcolor and bottomcolor for Half-Life deathmatch, Opposing Force deathmatch, Holy Wars, and Deathmatch Classic. (See the bot.cfg file for details)
  • Added configurable option called "random_color" to use random topcolor and bottomcolor for MODs that allow setting the bot's topcolor and bottomcolor.
  • Made "BotChatHumanizer" configurable. You can now set how often characters are dropped or swapped in bot chat messages. (See bot.cfg file for details)
  • Added "%r" to bot chat messages (gets replaced by random player name).
  • Prevented "%n" or "%r" from being dropped or swapped in bot chat messages.
  • "%n" and "%r" can now be used multiple times in a single bot chat message.
  • Added the ability to use '!' as the first character in bot chat messages if you don't want the bot to use the BotChatHumanizer on them (i.e. for URLs or other text you don't want modified).
  • Added a configurable bot reation time before firing. Bots will pause briefly before firing when they see a new enemy. This simulates a human reaction time delay. See the "bot_reaction_time" in the bot.cfg file.
  • Fixed teamplay bug where bots wouldn't attack players on opposing team or would kill teammates in Half-Life deathmatch and Opposing Force deathmatch.
  • Fixed bug in TFC where engineers wouldn't wait until they were close enough before trying to upgrade teammate's armor, sentry guns, or dispensers with the spanner (wrench).
  • TFC engineer bots will upgrade sentry guns on their team besides their own.
  • TFC medic bots will now randomly heal the player between 90% and 120% of their max health.
  • TFC sniper bots will now readjust their position if they have been moved too far away from a sniper location.
  • Worked around a bug in DMC where players sometimes don't spawn with the crowbar. Bots will now use the shotgun at close range if the crowbar isn't available.
Whew! That's a lot of new stuff! :) I recently got a new Dell PC (1.3 Ghz Pentium 4 with GeForce 2 MX video card) and got such a HUGE increase in framerate from my old PC (300 Mhz Pentium II with Voodoo card) that the HPB bot was seriously whippin' this llamas ass!

I quickly decided I needed to add the "bot_reaction_time" setting to be able to stand a chance against them. Before I got my new PC, I didn't realize that the bot's reaction time was as big as a problem as it was. Things are MUCH better now. You should at least be able to get off a shot or two before the bots kill you now! :)

Also, I had previously posted a message in my forum, saying that I thought I had found a bug in DMC where you couldn't select the crowbar sometimes. This bug was affecting the bots in close range combat (since they couldn't select the crowbar that they love SO much). I've modified the weapons selection so that the DMC bots will use the shotgun at close range if they aren't able to use the crowbar. It looks a little wierd with them blasting players in the stomach with the shotgun all the time, but at least they don't just stand there doing their little "dance" with each other anymore.







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